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Very clear and concise explanations

This course is very useful and gives an insight on how to manage anxiety by redirecting thoughts and managing your negative thoughts. I suffer from anxiety myself as do a lot of other people, and the next time I experience it I will attempt the thought processes explained in this course. Having negative thoughts described to you as well as being told how to cope with those thoughts is very practical in every day and one off situations. Also it's interesting that one situation can affect peoples reactions in many different ways. Thank you.

Very informative and helpful

Great course and relatable to everyone in all different situations. Really insightful and helpful with various different techniques to help anxiety.

interesting and to the point

The course makes it really easy to understand the different models and how to manage anxiety. There are really good practical resources too. I will be using these regularly and reflecting on mental health.

it was very eye opening

it was a very formative introduction in how to manage anxiety

Informative slides

The slides were very informative, manageable time and interesting

Simple to follow. Quite effective.

No summary provided

Very good course

This subject is going to be required in more workplaces during the pandemic. Anxiety is very real, the managing anxiety training course will give you a better understanding of anxiety and the tools to manage anxiety in yourself and others both in the workplace and out.

some good points and tools.

No summary provided

Good course helpful recap

helpful course on areas of anxiety that hidden or not acknowledge

Very Good

It was a simple and easy to follow course, giving people the basic understanding in how to manage their anxiety and cope with every day life

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