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Average score 4.4

1886 reviews

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  • 4% 1
Very good easy to understand

Good way of learning found it very useful

Excellent Course

The Environmental Course on Line was interesting to do and show's how important it really is for us all to Recycle and look after the world we live in and leave to our children.

Great course, gives you lots to think ab

No summary provided

Great visuals but not very interactive

An interesting subject, good examples used that everyone can relate to, great simple but explanatory visuals. Would have preferred the course to have been more interactive throughout each section. I didn't find it very engaging unfortunately, although I did enjoy the subject.

Interesting but too long

Although the content was interesting it took too long to complete as we have to take time out of a busy schedule

Excellent .. informative and easy to use

No summary provided

Very informative, easy to use.

I enjoyed this learning, it was very informative and made me think a lot more about how I myself can impact on this environment in a positive way.

Excellent and Interesting Course

Although a lot of what was said in the course was common sense, it acted as a good refresher. We should all be more aware of the enviroment and the affect we all have on it.


I found the course informative and easy to use

Brilliant video training

No summary provided

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