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Average score 4.7

3477 reviews

  • 77% 5
  • 15% 4
  • 6% 3
  • 1% 2
  • 1% 1
Excellent course

I didn't really know too much about COSHH and thought this course would not really be about items in an office. Wish my previous company had done this or similar course

Very good and easily explained

I would recommend any of my friends to do these courses through your organisation.

Easy to follow

The course is good enough to keep the viewers attention and learn the basics needed to work in the lab

Informative, clear and concise.

I thought the course was useful and covered, in more detail than was possibly required, more elements than most people will have to deal with. I found it thought provoking in areas not normally appreciated. Overall it was very comprehensive and well presented.

Good,clear instructions

Nice and simple, not long winded so you lose interest

Testing was poor

The set up for testing on all assessment is very poor. Once an answer is clicked it it locked in. There is now way to review your answers. This is a huge design failing

good course

found the COSHH course very informative and helped me remember certain information that I had forgot.

I now know how to deal with hazard

I know now how to deal with hazard in a working environment. Watching the videos have me a better understanding and taught me how to be more aware of the hazard and know who to talk to. I feel so much more responsible. Thank you.

Great presentation and explanation

No summary provided

Very clear and concise

No summary provided

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