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Average score 4.6

20 reviews

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Interesting & Educating.

Loads of safety precautions ; they're all necessary and easily adaptable. Hope everyone adhere to them as future regulations!!

Powerful Segment Of Legislature.

When I first saw that course I exclaimed ; recently a Car Dealer thought he got the better of me via a "Distance Sale". He didn't know that I was fully aware of such "Heavy Weight Legislature" so he breached his obligations. I sent him "The Consumer Contacts (Information, Cancellation, And Additional Charges) Regulation 2013" that replaced the Distance Selling Regulation & give key Cancellation Rights when you enter into a Contract at a distance.

Lots to know.

There are a lot of rules & regulations to know and the course explains them quickly & clearly so you understand them .

Very informative course

It was a very informative course, I learnt things I wasn't aware of. Concise and to the point

Interesting and useful

Visually very clear and concise. The print offs I have found extremely useful especially as an aide memoir for the future. Feel more confident as I move forward in my role.

Very good easy to understand course

A great learning tool with a very good format, also test at the end was comprehensive and relevant to course

Not really relevant to my job.

I felt that this course was not really relevant to my job as seldom do I, as a Visitor Experience Assistant, have to deal with this sort of thing. It was interesting though.

very intensive

found this hard going having never been in retail found white lettering on a light background difficult to read.

Was ok

No summary provided

Comprehensively presented

Could probably have been simplified, or run as 2 courses - it was a lot to take in all in one go. Also, a technical query: on one of the questions (about Returns Policy), I was considering my answer and my finger must have been hovering over an incorrect button, and the test took this as my answer - even though I knew that of the 3 answers, this one was likely to be incorrect. I think that's unfair, as I would have got a better score if that had not happened - and there was no way to undo it once the test had registered my 'answer'.

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