Bullying & Harassment Training, Page 33 Reviews

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Average score 4.7

385 reviews

  • 82% 5
  • 11% 4
  • 5% 3
  • 1% 2
  • 2% 1

Gives a full explanation of the sufferers

Extremely well structured & explained

This is an excellent training module - explains a complicated subject very clearly and with great examples.

Sound level

The sound on each unit varied from each level



Simple and logical, training course

What bullying and harassment are, and the fact such behaviour is unacceptable, should be obvious to all but sadly, generally speaking it is not in today's society so I think this is a useful course/reminder to all staff for in and out of the work environment. .

Good basic information

Nothing I wasn't aware of and doesn't assist hugely in my workplace circumstances. Have been a victim in the past and very little was done about it - hopefully times have changed within our organisation.

Easy to follow with clear examples

The video presentations are much easier to follow than written presentations. The examples are clear and the test questions are unambiguous.

very very dull

No summary provided

Bad layout of web interface disappointed

The content is good but the layout of the page means extra clicks to get through the course and moving of the curser back and forth across the full with of the page which is difficult for someone suffering from RSI. Once someone has clicked the next button, it would be better for the video to start on the next slide automatically than having to move the curser across the screen to click an extra button to start it. Other parts of the course did this, ie the extra information. But I would prefer this on the main course work too. The course would flow much better if this was the case.

Easy and clear explanations

Good course, eye opening

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