Bullying & Harassment Training, Page 2 Reviews

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Average score 4.7

385 reviews

  • 82% 5
  • 11% 4
  • 5% 3
  • 1% 2
  • 2% 1
Clear and easy to understand.

The course was comprehensive in it's content, easy to understand and well ordered in the way it approached the subject.

Very educative

Give you more knowledge about bullying and harassment and how to respond. More refresher courses will be appreciated.

Simple and clear, easy to follow

No summary provided

Very clear about bullying and harassment

No summary provided


Opened my eyes

Clear and thorough

Presentation was very clear and thorough and even if the content sometimes went by quickly it was presented in bite size pieces so it was easy to recap if you needed to recap and at times there was the opportunity to have a more detailed explanation.

Very good

Interesting and enjoyed learning more

Enjoyed it as I learned a bit more.

Very interesting

The content was ok

On slides 3, 4 and 16, in particular, I felt uncomfortable to the point that I had to stop the training temporarily. There is clunking and clicking that made me feel rather disorientated, possibly especially as I was wearing headphones. The sounds were actually within the presentation however it felt/sounded like they could be external, around where I sat, as if perhaps an accident had occurred nearby. Not pleasant and got my heart racing, in a panic.

interesting but contradictory

Test question: Crucial for workplace to have bullying/harassment policies yet law only covers harassment, so is it 'crucial' or 'recommended'?

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