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reinforcing a stereotype

I found that the course contained some informative information, that was educational and helpful. However, the course also reinforced a common stereotype through it's demonstration, which was that the black woman was the bully. Black people have historically been perceived to be the class clown and bullie. By painting the black woman as the aggressor that switched the labels it felt like this was being reinforced.


I enjoyed the course and thought it was well explained. However, I was disappointed that the issue of 'upwards bullying' was not included. There is a perception that it is always those in a position of 'power', ie. managers, who are the bullies, but it can be very damaging the other way. It would be great if a reference to this could be included.

No mention of contacting your trade unio

Trade union reps are a vital part of challenging bullying and harassment in the workplace and to ensure grievances are taken seriously.

Very informative and will assist me

The knowledge I learned I hope will help me understand the difference between Harassment and bullying


Actually I could rate it as 4 stars . I am just used on having a training with real people. The exchange of thoughts, the live question and answer, the interaction with real people and not virtual. Maybe I just need to get use to reality or the new normal.

Provides a basic awareness

Provides a basic awareness and some oppertunity for reflection.

Clear but basic

It gets across the key basic principles clearly and simply. Some of the visuals were a bit naff, and it would have been good to be able to speed it up for those who can follow and learn more quickly.

It was interesting to study.

I am not a manager and the course seemed to be written from managers' points of view.

very informative.

this is a great way to take a test.

Excellent way of learning

Well constructed training programme

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