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We make our courses available as SCORM packages and have tested them in the leading third party LMS's. How does this work? Take a look at our guide to using iHasco courses in a third party LMS.

Approved third party LMS's

Our clients tell us that our SCORM packages also play well with: Kallidus and Totara.

Requirements: Your LMS must be accessed via HTTPS in order for our SCORM packages to work.

Do you support other LMS's?

Yes! Our packages adhere to both SCORM 1.2 and 2004 standards so you should be able to use them in any secure SCORM compliant LMS. To test our packages in your LMS simply sign up for a free trial.

Other integration options

In addition to providing SCORM compatibility for our course content we also provide an open and documented Client API and a 'Simple Link' solution for non SCORM compliant systems.