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What is the KCSIE document?

The KCSIE document 2019 (released on 2nd September 2019) is statutory guidance for schools, colleges and other institutes of education and it’s put together by the Department of Education. It applies to all school staff as well as to governing bodies, management committees and proprietors. Every member of staff within a school must read at least part 1 of the guidance, as it sets out what legal duties must be followed to ensure the correct safeguarding of children under the age of 18.

The KCSIE document is updated every 1-2 years and the 2019 updated version has been made into a programme within our course library.

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What changes have been made in the 2019 version?

Although there haven't been as many as usual, the main changes in the 2019 update are mostly technical including new sections on serious violence, upskirting and departmental advice on supporting schools to teach pupils on staying safe online. 

An outline of some of the key changes:

From LSCBs to Safeguarding Partners 

Local Safeguarding Children Boards (LSCBs) are transitioning to Safeguarding Partners which will be made up of people from the Local Authority, Clinical Commissioning Group and the local police. There will be a dedicated team in your local area that “must make arrangements to work together to safeguard and promote the welfare of local children, including identifying and responding to their needs.” (KCSIE, 2019)


“‘Upskirting’ typically involves taking a picture under a person’s clothing without them knowing, with the intention of viewing their genitals or buttocks to obtain sexual gratification, or cause the victim humiliation, distress or alarm.”

It is has been added to the KCSIE document as it is now a criminal offence. The section on peer on peer abuse and the meaning of sexual violence/harassment have been clarified. 

Serious Violence

Anyone working with children should be aware of the signs that a child is at risk from serious violence or are involved in serious violent crime. This section highlights the possible signs. 

Abuse & Neglect

There is now a better flow in this section. Paragraphs have moved into the section but the content of the paragraphs haven't been changed. Information about abuse, neglect and safeguarding issues has moved to “What school and college staff should look out for”.


Designated Safeguarding Person or Officer has been replaced with Designated Safeguarding Lead.


There is an updated link to the NSPCC helpline. If staff members feel they can’t talk to their employer, or that their concerns are not being addressed they can seek external help: 

Additional advice and support helplines are also available on pages (89-90) in the KCSIE 2019 document.

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