Simple but effective

No one wants to spend hours configuring a complicated enterprise level LMS so we give you the features you need, without the unnecessary complication of those that you don't.


  • Choose courses from our library
  • Video based
  • Off thread resources
  • Engaging & Interactive
  • Full transcripts
  • Multilingual
  • Closed captions / subtitles available
  • Responsive interface, works on mobiles, tablets and desktops
  • Smart dashboard that proactively organises your learners training


  • Set global or per course pass marks
  • Set global or per course mandatory videos
  • Set global or per course training intervals
  • Prevent users from creating new training sessions during the training interval period
  • Set individual courses as 'assignment only' or make them available to 'everyone'
  • Create URL based 'Course Passes' for 'assignment only' courses
  • Opt to include/exclude test score from certificates
  • Hide training expiry dates on certificates
  • Use eco certificates
  • SCORM 1.2 and 2004 packages available, use our Courses in other LMS's


  • All requests secured with HTTPS/SSL
  • Require that users log-in with email address and password
  • Disable self registration via the Training Suite
  • Restrict self registration to specific email domains
  • Restrict access to specific IP addresses


  • Nightly backups of your data
  • 99.5% uptime & 24/7 monitoring


  • Add users manually one at a time
  • Import and update users in bulk from CSV
  • View users by status (Active/Archived)
  • Search/Filter users by standard or custom fields
  • Export users to CSV
  • View user profiles
  • Edit user profiles
  • Flag user profiles
  • Select and assign users to specific courses
  • Archive/Un-Archive users
  • Delete users
  • Send email to all/selected users
  • Print Results Overview
  • Download/Print historic Certificates


  • Give users administrative privileges
  • Set read, write or admin access types
  • Grant access to organisational segments

Custom fields

  • Set up to 6 custom user profile fields of your choosing
  • Pick between Text input and Select field types
  • Optionally set custom fields as being mandatory


  • Add your 'logo' to the training suite and certificates
  • Add a 'poster' to your training suite log-in screen
  • Specify a 'brand colour' which is used within the training suite


  • View course results by status (Not started, In progress, Complete)
  • View individual's course results
  • Add individual course results manually
  • Ability to add external training records
  • Flag results
  • Export course results (with or without filters applied)
  • Download/Print Certificates
  • Download/Print Assessment Report (For courses with assessments)


  • Send users a 'welcome' email when they start a training programme
  • Send users a 'thank you / rating' email when they complete a training programme
  • Send users a 'reminder' email after 7 days of starting but not completing a programme
  • Send users a 'refresh reminder' email prior to the training interval date