Lone Working In the Workplace - Lone Worker Training

Learn how to plan ahead, recognise aggression and learn specific diffusion tactics with our Lone Working IN the Workplace Course. Employers have a legal obligation to consider the different risks posed by lone working and we believe our course to be the perfect solution.

25mHealth & Safety

Lone Working Out of the Workplace - Lone Worker Training

If you work alone and away from a fixed place of work then our Lone Working OUT of the workplace is ideal for you. The course looks at personal safety, practical planning, staying in control during difficult situations, ‘buddy systems’ and much more.

35mHealth & Safety

Driver Awareness Training

It’s so easy to become complacent when driving, particularly if you use the same route regularly. This driver awareness course highlights your responsibilities on the road as well as looking at safe driving, and how to make your journeys safer.

50mHealth & Safety

Risk Assessment Training

Risk assessments are a vital part of lone working, by law, every employer must undertake and they are included as ‘broad duties’ under The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

30mHealth & Safety Management

Conflict Resolution Training

This CPD Accredited Conflict Resolution Training Course equips users with the skills to handle conflict effectively. Did you know that 85% of employees deal with conflict at work and 29% deal with conflict almost constantly?

30mSoft Skills

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Lone working can pose a number of different risks that aren’t normally associated with working with or around others. Believe it or not, around 46% of people in the UK consider themselves to be ‘lone workers’ and adequate training for these staff is essential.

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Your Legal Lone Working Responsibilities

Although lone working is not illegal, there are legislations in place that apply to lone workers - Current legislation includes:


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