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Injuries twice as likely for those working in Construction

The Construction Index has this week reported that a survey conducted of UK business, 38% of construction workers had taken time off work because of a major injury sustained whilst doing performing their job. With an industry average of 19% of people having taken sick days for work-related injury or illness, Construction was found to have double the national average absence.

The suggestion from the survey conducted by OnePoll in August of this year is that the construction industry is precisely twice as dangerous as the average job in another sector. The only industry to rank higher than Construction in terms of lost working days was Transport (with 47% of employees admitting to having lost days due to occupational accidents or injuries). 

With these statistics in mind, comprehensive health and safety training is a core tool for ensuring that those working in the Construction industry are not only safe in their day to day activities but also reduce the number of working days lost unnecessarily to avoidable workplace accidents.

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