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Administering Medication in Education and Care courses now live!

Administering Medication Training courses announced

It's estimated that 4 to 5 people die every single day due to medication errors and a recent study by university academics in Manchester, Sheffield and York that was published by the Department of Health in February 2018, identified more than 230 million medication errors a year that took place in the NHS alone.

It's therefore incredibly important that anyone working with or administering medication receives sufficient training. Our two courses look at Administering Medication in both Education and Care settings and cover the surrounding laws, the different categories of medication, handling and administering medication and managing medical needs. They provide a great introduction to medication administration in both settings and can be used as handy refresher courses. 

"This new study shows medication error in the UK and globally is a far bigger problem than generally recognised, causing appalling levels of harm and death that are totally preventable."

Jeremy Hunt

Administering Medication in Education 

This course is aimed specifically at adults working within the education sector and split into the 4 following sections: 

  1. The Law and School Policy - We cover the foundations of administering medication in schools and cover everyone's legal responsibilities. We also look into schools medication policies and what they should and shouldn't contain.
  2. Medication - We look at the different categories of medication, how to work out dosages, reading prescription labels and how to safely store and dispose of medication. 
  3. Handling and Administering Medication - We cover the legal and best-practice processes that need to be considered when giving medication to children in schools. We also look at managing emergency medication and children who self-medicate.
  4. Managing Medical Needs - We look at some more specific illnesses such as Eczema, Asthma, Diabetes and severe allergies, and how to go about administering medication for these illnesses.

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The following clip has been extracted from our course and looks at the laws surrounding administering medication in education...

The laws surrounding Administering Medication in Education | iHASCO

Administering Medication in Care

This course is aimed specifically at care workers who look after residents in a care home. It provides an overview on managing residents medical needs, the legal responsibilities involved how to store, deliver and dispose of medication and how to effectively manage doses. It's split into the following 3 sections: 

  1. Policies and the Law - We look at what a care home's medication policy should contain and what needs to be in a residents care plan, we also look into relevant legislation and discuss the philosophy of "Person-Centred Care".
  2. Medication - We explore the different categories of medication, how to read prescription labels, different dosages and the safe delivery of medication. 
  3. Administering Medication - We cover the legal and best practice processes when administering medication residents in a care home and much more. 

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The following clip has been extracted from our course and looks closely at "Person-Centred Care"...

What is "Person-Centred Care"? | iHASCO

Interested in either of these courses but not sure if they're for you? Remember you can get free trial access to these courses at any time! 

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