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Support for TLS 1.1 will be discontinued on January 3rd 2019

As of January 3rd 2019 we will be discontinuing support for TLS version 1.1. If you or your learners are using a web browser without support for TLS 1.2 you will need to upgrade to a browser that does support TLS 1.2 prior to this date.

What is TLS?

We rely on HTTPS and the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol to encrypt data between your browser and our application server. To ensure continued system security we have decided to update our application to require TLS 1.2 or higher for all connections.

Client API Support

Code that communicates with our application via our Client API will also need to be updated to handle TLS 1.2 or higher in order to continue working beyond January 3rd 2019.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this change may cause, if you have any concerns about how this might impact your use of our application please don't hesitate to contact our support team.

Update: Reminder that support for TLS 1.1 will now be discontinued on April 3rd 2019