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We’ve now helped over 200,000 people work towards GDPR compliance!

We have now helped over 200,000 people work towards GDPR compliance across the UK and Europe!

Our first two GDPR courses were released back in January 2018 and were instantly a hit with our already existing clients and new clients.

These two courses were followed by our GDPR Refresher course for those that have already completed the training, or have existing knowledge of the regulation.

How were they put together? 

Like any course here at iHASCO, it started with one of our talented scriptwriters putting the script together. For our GDPR courses, James and Sarah wrote the scripts (James writing our management course and Sarah writing our essentials course). Our courses got a lot of recognition and James was even invited to talk about the regulation at the 2018 Business Show!

After the scripts were completed it was time for filming, the team headed over to Henley, where our filming studio is based, and worked closely with our brilliant presenters! They were then passed on to Mike, our Creative Manager, who brought the courses to life with beautiful graphics and animations.

"GDPR is, as the name implies, about 'Data' and 'Regulation', it's certainly not the most exciting topic I've worked on but then governments sprinkle a layer of 'Generalisation' on top.

The only thing I could do as an animator hoping to engage our learners was to focus on protection. Protecting people is something we can all understand and have an emotional connection with.

So I imagined a small business on the high street, with all the data protection hazards that would inevitably lead to.

Sarah and James scripted scenarios focusing on real-world practical situations and I had great fun keeping these real yet light enough to enjoy.

We filmed actors, created fake business stationery, mocked-up websites, visualised shop premises and even produced product samples, all to help tell our story to engage.

Amongst all the media hype of huge fines and implementation logistics, it was very pleasing to think that iHASCO's GDPR training has retained the human centre that is at the very heart of the General Data Protection Regulation.

We are not data sets to be sold, we are people with rights over our data and our stories should not be lost to the soulless babble of zeroes and ones."

Mike Brooks, Lead Animator for GDPR Training

How have they been received? 

So far we've gathered over 1,500 reviews for all programmes across a number of platforms including Trustpilot, Capterra, G2 Crowd and of course, our own website.

Here are just a few of the fantastic reviews our courses have received:

GDPR eLearning Review 1

GDPR eLearning Review 2

GDPR eLearning Review 3

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