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Closing 8,000 stores to provide training? There’s no need!

Closing 8,000 stores to provide training? There’s no need!

On the 29th May, Starbucks closed more than 8,000 stores across the US as staff underwent racial awareness training.

This training is vital and it encouraged staff to learn and talk about biases and stereotypes, paying particular attention to the protected characteristics - race being one of them.

The training also addressed the lesser-known concept of "unconscious bias training", which is used by a range of organisations to help challenge both positive and negative biases.

It’s fantastic that Starbucks is looking to tackle these issues and they are definitely on the right path towards a solution. But was it necessary for Starbucks to close 8,000 stores to provide this training? The answer is no.

Here at iHasco, we offer a quicker and simpler training solution than closing 8,000 stores!

Online Unconscious Bias and Equality & Diversity Training

We have a library of over 80 courses, but the topic of conversation today is our online Unconscious Bias training and Equality & Diversity training courses.

Our Unconscious Bias eLearning course (and the course for managers) explain what unconscious biases are, how they are formed, and it explains the detrimental impact they can have on workplace relationships, culture and financial success. These courses also give you access to some incredibly helpful tools that you can use when you’ve completed your training!

Additionally, our Equality & Diversity eLearning training clarifies what behaviour is unacceptable in the eyes of The Equality Act - such as discrimination, prejudice, victimisation and harassment. It covers all of the protected characteristics and explains that it is illegal to discriminate against someone because of a protected characteristic.

And finally, it explains how your organisation will reap the rewards for having an understanding, inclusive and diverse workforce!

All courses are available to try for free today - and you’re able to complete them on your lunch break! Try our courses now!

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