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A Wonderful Week for Wellbeing

A wonderful week for wellbeing

Last week, Mental Health Awareness Week and Learning at Work Week happened to fall on the same… week. This tied in perfectly with the recent release of our Mental Health Awareness and Mental Health Awareness for Managers training courses.

So we thought it would be amazing to help support those who are struggling with mental ill health, which is why we have teamed up with a local charity that’s close to our hearts - the Samaritans of Bracknell, Wokingham, Ascot and Districts.

For the entirety of last week, we donated 50p to the Samaritans for every Mental Health Awareness course completed AND 10% of every Mental Health Awareness course sold. This totalled up to £512!

We’ve also been organising a bunch of internal events over the last couple of months, allowing the iHasco team to come together and raise money. We’ve currently raised just over £1500 in total for the Samaritans branch! If you haven’t been keeping up-to-date with what we’re doing, follow us on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn!

Our new Mental Health First Aiders!

In addition to the marvellous fundraising week we’ve just had, this week has been special for another reason... our very own Lottie and Amanda are now qualified Mental Health First Aiders! Here they are, taking a short selfie break mid-course:

Our amazing new mental health first aiders!

Well done, Ladies! Couldn’t be anyone more suited for it!

Visiting the Samaritans in Bracknell

As of the 5th March this year, our partnership with the Samaritans of Bracknell, Wokingham, Ascot and Districts has been formed to help them raise the funds they need to provide their wonderful services.

Since then, we’ve planned a number of team activities in an effort to work towards our £2,000 target. We’ve raised a bunch of money from office sweepstakes (half the money goes to the winner, the other half goes to the Samaritans) - so far we’ve done this for the Ascot Races & the World Cup. Additionally, we’ve raised a load of money from our lovely staff in return for the bosses providing us with a variety of different lunches. This includes our fish & chips lunch and most recently, our vegan lunch!

Anyway, back to the point… today we visited our friends at the Samaritans Bracknell office! We had a great chat about our partnership and what else we can do to help raise funds. This was followed up with a short tour around their premises, which has a cosy home vibe! Our chat also demonstrated just how much of a reality mental ill health is and how important it is to help those in need.

So we want to say a HUGE thank you to all of the volunteers at the Samaritans Bracknell branch; you guys really are doing a great thing and we hope to assist you in continuing to do so!

our friends from the Samaritans Bracknell branch

Mental Health Awareness & Wellbeing Training

Mental health is a very serious topic. Each and every one of us has mental health, just like each one of us has physical health - and both of them need to be looked after.

Nearly two-thirds of people have said that they have experienced a mental health problem of some degree and evidence suggests that poor mental health is responsible for around 13% of all sickness absence days in UK workplaces.

We developed our online Mental Health Awareness and Wellbeing training course to raise awareness of mental ill health and to provide tools and guidance for daily wellbeing-management. This course also aims to remove the stigma surrounding mental health by treating mental health for what it is - a normal part of everyday life.

Poor mental health is very real, and it’s far more common than you may think. Please work with us to remove the stigma, by starting with a positive and supportive workplace.

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