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My day at iHASCO

We recently had the great pleasure of working with a couple of young guys seeking work experience. Young Jack Craske joined us last week. His real ambition was not - sadly - to join the exciting world of creating stunning eLearning, but to be a sports journalist. So we tasked him with coming up with a ‘match report’ about a day at iHasco. Here’s his impressive piece; look out for him on the back pages in a few years. You heard the name here first.

New Business FC 1


Account Managers FC 1

It’s been a huge season for Account Managers so far! They’ve secured a new stadium following last season’s promotion to accommodate more fans - due to a handsome 33% increase in ticket sales. And they are still sitting pretty at the top of the table going into today’s game…

The Account Managers were very positive from the off after their manager - Stephen Wellman - started off the match with a fresh style of play, by pushing his team to exploit their new signing - Eye Protection Training.

One of their star forwards, Alex Wilkins, had a very promising start once again after being in fine form recently; and once again he scored another big goal for his team - having already secured his personal target for goals in the last match!

The game was halted for a few minutes due to technical difficulties, but once stadium manager Oliver Bailey sorted them out, the match was soon back underway.

In the 20th minute, New Business caught the Account Managers on the break. But just as James Wilson used his skills to get through the defence, he couldn’t quite secure the goal. If it wasn’t for a world-class save the scores would have been back level. This would have been a juicy building block towards their team target! But out of nowhere, there was a surprise goal from Louise Craske, as she scored a scrappy goal from a well-earned set piece - levelling the scores just before the break.

The directors, Dave Goddard (New Business FC) and Bradley Worsfold (Account Managers FC) both had their say at halftime by giving inspirational talks in the changing rooms.

In the second half, we got to see whizkid Connor Drew - the teenager with a lot of promise -  being given his chance to shine on the big stage. And he did so by helping many customers find the training that they were looking for.  

The defenders for both teams were superb in the second half! Crunching tackles from left, right and centre helped the team deal with the pace of the questions thrown at them from customers. This wasn’t easy for the media teams, as they were struggling to keep up with all the action. They used their sublime skills and experience to battle through and a quick recovery, from what looked to be a bad injury to the servers, helped diffuse the situation back in the studio.

Overall it was a very good day for both sides, with quality sportsmanship displayed all around. I’ve not seen two sides play so well in a high tempo match with so much respect for each other. This is what the beautiful game is all about! Healthy competition, hard work and picking up points for the target table for the end of the month.

But then again, you wouldn’t expect anything less from two clubs that both share the same values:

  • Training made simple
  • Have fun and look after each other
  • Seek constant improvement
  • Make a genuine difference

Thanks, Jack, great work and good luck in your future career. It was a pleasure having you.

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