DSE Training – May’s the month!


Why not set aside a month every year to get all your staff to do their Display Screen Equipment training?

And why not make it May?
An excellent reason to do it NOW would be...
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EXCELLENT Display Screen Equipment Training from iHasco for ALL staff

DSE training
from iHasco suggests ways to improve the way you sit, the way you type - in fact the way you work - to reduce time off from work because of bad backs, RSI, headaches and eyestrain.

Who’s it for?
Everyone who habitually uses a computer.

Why should you use it?
It helps improve the health and comfort of your staff and reduce the number of days off through sickness – for example a few simple adjustments to your chair and desk position may be all it takes to avoid a bad back! The training also helps you comply with The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992.

What’s special about the programme?
A feature of our training is the full personal risk assessment which is completed by ALL staff, providing clear details of any of their concerns.

What’s unique about this training?
Our ONLINE training includes the unique collation tool that enables the risk assessment results of ALL staff to be collated into one clear easy-to-understand report.

What should you do next?

If you would like a no-obligation ONLINE trial to see if our training is for you, please contact us on 01344 867088.