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New Course Announcement - Mental Health Awareness Training

New course announcement - Mental Health Awareness Training

Mental health is a serious subject - nearly two-thirds of people say that they have experienced mental health problems and evidence suggests that this poor mental health is responsible for around 13% of all absence days in the UK. 

One of the biggest problems challenges with poor mental health issues is the stigma that surrounds it. Our upcoming Mental Health Awareness Training aims to remove this stigma and provide guidance and tools for daily well-being.

Our Mental Health Awareness Training

Our Mental Health Awareness Training will be split into 4 easy-to-follow sections, including: 

  1. Mental Health Awareness - We highlight the importance of mental health training and the common triggers of poor mental health.
  2. Mental Health Problems - Poor mental health and how to manage it, we also look at the different types of poor mental health. 
  3. Wellbeing Toolkit -  This can be used to manage day-to-day mental health and includes a variety of insights, mini exercises and practical strategies. 
  4. External Help - A short section providing a hun of external mental health management resources. 

The Business Case for Mental Health at Work

Poor mental health costs UK businesses around £35 billion every year and almost 70 million working days are lost; these figures are only expected to rise unless poor mental health is properly addressed. 

It really pays off to invest in your staff's mental health. Research suggests that by investing £1 into improving mental health, you'll receive, on average a £4.20 return! So more UK businesses need to start paying more attention to properly addressing mental health and removing the unfair stigma that for some reason, surrounds it. 

  • Legally - if you don't take your employees mental health seriously, you could actually be in breach of the Health & Safety at Work Act, so don't get caught out! 


  • Ethically - It's the right the thing to do! Employers that take mental health seriously and prioritise it ensure higher engagement levels and productivity, not to mention the reduced absence rates and retention of talent! 

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Take the first steps in making a difference in your organisation by registering your interest in our upcoming Mental Health Awareness Training.  

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