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Why December is the perfect month to sort out your training!

Sorting your health and safety training in December

It’s Christmas season! And NOW it's officially time to set up for the manic month and start focusing on work essentials before everything gets hectic as the holidays approach.

So, before you retire for the remainder of the year and immerse yourself in a binge of your favourite festive foods, stop and think:

Am I prepared for the New Year?

Being prepared for the New Year falls into two major categories: personal and professional.

Personal preparation for the New Year is often more fun and less time-consuming than professional preparation; for example, buying a set of gym clothes in preparation for your New Year’s Resolution! But then again, there's not much point doing Dry-January or hitting the gym three times a week if you're not going to look after your health and safety at work... so what better time to set the wheels in motion than right now?

Why is December a great month for sorting out your training?

Training is an absolute necessity for everybody in the workplace, but we don’t need to tell you that. What you may not know, however, are the reasons why purchasing our online training courses, as the year comes to an end, has its advantages.

No New Year Hassle

As we asked previously, are you prepared for the New Year? Also, is your business prepared for the New Year? If not, you may be in for a stressful start to 2019!

By purchasing your training or topping up on your credits before January, you'll have one less thing to worry about as we approach 2019. You can sleep comfortably at night knowing that your workplace training is sorted for the year ahead and that it's going to improve your organisation's Health & Safety standards.

However, just because you purchase your training in December, doesn’t mean that you have to complete it in December! If you make a purchase this month, it just means you’ll have instant access to the courses that you desire as and when you’re ready!

Easy Renewals

Another advantage of a December purchase is being able to keep track of your renewal date more easily than most other months. December is the month that sets you up for the New Year, every year!

Chance of Winning a Christmas Hamper!

As we’re full of Christmas spirit - we’re giving away a luxury Christmas Hamper! All you need to do is complete any one of our courses to be in with a chance of winning this treat!

Get started today with a free, no-obligation trial today! 

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