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Alcohol Awareness Week 2017

Alcohol awareness week 2017

Alcohol misuse affects everyone – it’s the biggest cause of death, ill-health and disability among 15 – 49-year-olds, and is linked to over 60 different medical conditions, costing the NHS around £3.5 billion every year. Many of us know someone who drinks more than they should – maybe that person is you.

Alcohol Awareness Week is the perfect opportunity to start a conversation, raise awareness of the damage caused by drinking, support those who need help and join the call for change.

This year, over 800 local authorities, charities and services are calling for better support for everyone suffering as a result of alcohol, making this the biggest Alcohol Awareness Week ever!

Dry January 

Find out for yourself the benefits of cutting back on the bottle and help other people at the same time. This January will be the 5th Dry January, and you’ll be amazed at what happens when you stop drinking alcohol for even just a month.

Last year, nearly half of all people who took part lost weight, 80% saved money and 62% reported better sleep and had more energy throughout the day.

Why not sign up and see the benefits for yourself? Go to and make a difference!

Our Drug & Alcohol Awareness Training

We have our very own course dedicated to raising awareness of drug and alcohol misuse. It's CPD and RoSPA approved! 

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