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World Diabetes Day 2017


In the UK, there are currently 4.5 million people living with diabetes (two of those work in this office!) and around 590,000 people in the UK that have diabetes but have not yet been diagnosed!

World Diabetes Day is celebrated annually on the 14th of November, and it’s the perfect opportunity for millions of diabetics, both type 1 and type 2, to come together to raise awareness about the condition. But it isn’t just down to people with diabetes and their loved ones - we think everybody should get involved!

This awareness day is globally recognised, so no matter where you are in the world, you can do your bit for the International Diabetes Federation campaign.

World Diabetes Day 2017

Ways You Can Help

  • Have a Tea Party - Enjoy spending some quali-tea time with your family and friends whilst you raise money for a good cause. It doesn’t matter how small the party is, charities need to raise as much as they possibly can and every little helps!
  • Start a JustGiving Campaign - Tell your diabetes stories to the world, whether it’s a personal story or your experience with diabetic friends and family. JustGiving is a great website to use for your campaign because it’s well-trusted by the community.
  • Be Creative! - Why have boundaries when it comes to having fun for a good cause? You can do anything to raise money for a cause like this. Think outside the box! A fancy dress party? Host a bowling tournament? It’s up to you!

Share Your Ideas With Us!

Share your Diabetes Awareness Day pictures with us on our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram)! We’d love to see your creative ideas!

In Other (AWESOME) News - Fight for Flash! 

Since November 1st, Flash Glucose Monitoring (Flash GM) is now available on the NHS! The only snag is it’s down to local NHS decision makers to decide who is eligible to access it without paying for the equipment, which has been too expensive for many people until now.

This monitoring system - called FreeStyle Libre - works by wearing a sensor on the back/outside of the upper arm, that checks and stores blood glucose levels continuously. This means someone with diabetes can check their levels whenever they need to by simply swiping a glucose monitor over the sensor - no finger-pricks!

Diabetes UK have worked hard to get this on the NHS and will continue to work at making Flash GM available for every diabetic who wants it. To join the fight for Flash GM, you can go to and join the campaign!

Our Diabetes Training for Schools

Around 35,000 children and young people (Under the age of 19) have diabetes in the UK alone, with 96% of children having type 1 diabetes, 2% having type 2 diabetes and the other 2% having rare forms of diabetes or a diagnosis that is not yet defined.

Check out our Diabetes Training for Schools and claim your free trial to our programme today!