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Our New Training Suite is Live!

After months of planning and preparation, we're delighted to announce the launch of our new training suite!

If you've been on our website or any of our social media channels recently then you are probably already aware of our new training suite and its brilliant new features, but just in case you have missed out the information, you can familiarise yourself by checking out our related blog posts: 

We had originally planned for the new training suite to go live last weekend but after a successful migration, we noticed an unacceptable impact on the performance of the application and therefore decided to roll back to the legacy training suite whilst we investigated the cause.  

We'd like to thank you all for your patience and we hope you enjoy your new eLearning experience, on our new training suite! 

Our new training suite has some amazing features and benefits! Why not grab 10 minutes with one of our team members to explore them.