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Our Training Suite is BUILT for Mobile

If you've been on our website or any our social media platforms recently, you're probably aware of our new training suite, which launches late September. We're so excited to be able to share its fantastic new features and benefits with you! One of the biggest changes to our training suite is its responsiveness to mobile and tablet devices. Many eLearning providers claim that their training suites are 'mobile-friendly' but ours is DESIGNED from the ground up to work on multiple devices!

New mobile responsive training suite

Our New Training Suite on Mobiles 

Our training suite will work on all mobile IOS and Andriod devices. We've built it for your convenience; the video content of our courses will appear at the top of your device and allows you to change video quality, plus switch between full screen and half screen modes. 

Directly below the video content, you'll see a breakdown of the course contents, along with how long each section should approximately take. Three tabs allow you to switch between course contents, an overview of the course and downloadable content, such as regulations and other relevant PDFs. 

Our new training suite coming to mobile devices means you can complete our training ANYWHERE with an internet connection (3G & 4G included). Got a boring train/bus commute? Why not complete it on the go!?

Our New Training Suite on Tablets

For slightly bigger screens, the three tabs below the video expand and a new area to the right of the video is generated, allowing you to jump to each section on the page without scrolling. It also contains a certificate area for you! 

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A training suite built for mobile