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Did you know that we’ve created a traffic light system for Safety signs?


Fire Awareness

Signboards are the most common type of safety sign that you’ll find at work. There are four different types, which are:

  • Prohibition signs
  • Warning signs
  • Safe Conditions signs, and
  • Mandatory signs

It’s important for you to recognise them and know what they mean. You may even be able to see some in the room right now.

We’ve created a traffic light system for safety signs which would increase consistency between locations and general understanding of their meaning. The traffic light system for these signs can be simply explained as:

RED – means STOP. You are PROHIBITED.

YELLOW – means Wait. It’s a WARNING.

GREEN – means GO. You have SAFE PASSAGE.

And there is one additional which is BLUE – meaning MUST DO. It’s MANDATORY.

For more information and helpful hints on how to remember key safety information try our Fire awareness course for free.