Five techniques for busy people; helping you motivate your staff to complete their training!


motivation scale

As the person responsible for ensuring your staff’s training is completed, we understand that it can seem like herding cats! In fact, a recent survey of a sample of our existing clients showed that 86% of them felt that it would be easier to get the cats to ride a bike than to get their staff to complete their training without our LMS! With this in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to share some tried and tested techniques for motivating staff to complete their online training.

  1. Schedule

    Create a training plan that can be shared throughout your organisation. Set realistic deadlines and mark out clear parameters (which courses need to be completed and when). Try not to allocate all courses at once, try releasing them one at a time.

  2. Make it easy

    Choose a training method that fits easily around your staff’s job responsibilities. This may appear to be obvious, but if your staff don’t have access to the internet or a PC don’t purchase eLearning. Equally, if your staff are remote workers do not purchase face-to-face learning and add to their working day.

  3. Relevant

    Motivation works best when you deliver relevant information, critical to the person's job function, right at the time they need to know it. Asking someone to complete their working at height training when they have no projects on the horizon will not get the same response as making it a mandatory requirement at the next project launch where the course is suitable.

  4. Gamification

    The goal is to maximise enjoyment and engagement by capturing the interest of your learners. Used by several companies, including the US Army: By incorporating challenges and badges, companies have seen results such as higher pass rates, and a  decrease in the percentage of participants failing to complete required courses.

  5. Incentivise

    Motivate your staff to complete their training by offering incentives. To test the theory of incentivisation, we are offering all our users the chance to win an iPad. All you have to do is complete an iHasco eLearning course, the more courses you complete the higher the chance you have of winning! At the end of July we shall be randomly selecting a winner from those who have completed at least one iHasco course.

Let us know which of these methods has been of greatest success for you!