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iHasco are testing the incentive theory of motivation

Carrots and Magnifying glass

What is the incentive theory of motivation?

 It’s different to traditional theories of motivation as the ‘incentive’ attracts the person to carry out the desired behaviour rather than how the behaviour is received by others. So, in short, you are completing a certain behaviour not because it is what’s socially expected or to receive positive validation, but because you want the ‘incentive’ and you see the behaviour as a fair exchange.

So, we at iHasco decided to test this assumption by creating the iHasco eLearning challenge.

The idea being that we offer all our users the chance to win an iPad. All they need to do is complete an iHasco eLearning course, the more courses they complete the higher their chance of winning! At the end of July we shall be randomly selecting a winner from those who completed at least one iHasco course. Simple.

Do you think offering such an incentive will increase the number of courses completed? Or do you think that since the majority of our courses are mandatory that the numbers will stay the same?

We shall update you on the results early August, but if you want to join in contact us on: 01344 867 088 or claim your free trial.