Sarah’s Manager Moment: Training that helps you see the wood from the trees.


Picture of Sarah

Hello, I’m Sarah and I lead our team of scriptwriters and researchers at iHasco. I was asked what, in my opinion, makes iHasco unique and for me it’s our conversation style. Sometimes training can become so focused on the details that users say they don’t understand it’s practical implications. So I work closely with the writing team here at iHasco to make sure you can see the wood through the trees.

I’ve been involved in training for 30 years (although, not always with iHasco!). And, I love what I do.

From the moment I get the details from our researcher and immerse myself in the subject…right through to seeing my script come to life!

Once a first draft is written it must survive a series of critical reviews. The first, and usually the MOST critical, is a readthrough with our directors. If there are bits that don’t make sense to them, then it’s straight back to the drawing board! We also strive for the WOW factor, so, if no one says “Wow, I didn’t know that” before the end of a read-through, then we’ve failed!

The next stage is to send it to external reviewers, experts in their field, to thoroughly check every aspect of the script.

Then, we’re off to a recording studio with a film crew to have the words professionally ‘presented’. We feel this is one of the things which gives our training that special quality.

At this point the script is passed to our excellent team of animators who take our words and bring them off the page, using graphics and all the tools of their trade, to add a further level of clarity. Often this includes live filming of actors in a green screen studio.

Once all the final trimmings are in place it’s reviewed again. And even at this stage if there’s something that just doesn’t feel right, we’ll re-do it.

As a course nears completion, we work with our website and marketing team to make sure everyone knows what’s going on, especially our excellent sales team.

It’s a great close-knit team and a really friendly atmosphere. We hope this comes across in our training. Everything we do aims to provide a personal touch, from the people you talk to on the phone, the emails and blogs, the look and feel of our website and of course the style of our training courses.