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David’s Manager Moment: The first eLearning war has been won

conquering snowdon

We’ve been involved in ‘remote’ training for 25 years now, moving from VHS videos to CD-ROMs to our current offering of over 60 superb eLearning courses.

For about 24 of those years we battled against a preference for classroom training. People didn’t seem to trust online training and wanted everyone in a room. Gradually we won more and more of these arguments and now it seems everyone agrees a blended approach is best. Sure, even we can see a place for classroom training – we do a lot of it ourselves and can see the upside of getting people together in a room to debate and learn from each other. But this method relies on an effective trainer, committed delegates and usually much more money! Unfortunately, those three things are not always easy to find!

There are many benefits of eLearning that just can’t be delivered in a classroom. I’ll explore these further in next week’s blog (for any few remaining doubters) but here I want to discuss the new enemy…

Our new battleground is now very much against BAD eLearning. Awful flat ‘presentations’ that do nothing to engage the learner but just move them through a series of slides that are poorly written, poorly animated and clearly designed only as a tick boxing exercise. Competitors who are not brave enough to use an independent review service such as Trustpilot do not respond to the needs of learners. Honestly, I’ve seen badly written leaflets digitised and passed off as eLearning!

We are winning this one too. In the same way that organisations ditched bad classroom trainers, they are now, thankfully, ditching poor eLearning.

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