Fighting fire with…


It was all hands-on deck this Wednesday! The iHasco creative team were in the studio to film the final sections of our new Fire Awareness and Fire Warden courses.

The day’s props included: five fire extinguishers, a fire blanket, a saucepan, a BIG GREEN BOX and over 200 blue safety tags!

At the end of our 10-hour day, the broken blue safety tags littered the green studio floor, as our actor Chris ‘lounged’ in a reclining office chair, sweeping an extinguisher hose over an imaginary fire… our director was cheating an ‘aerial’ shot to conclude the shoot – very clever!

Fire extinguisher filming

It felt a little arduous at times, but the team effort was awesome – the collaboration between scriptwriters, animators, our actor, and the film crew made for a very rewarding day at work. And I have no doubt that this will be reflected in the footage we captured for our training courses!

I also want to give a high-five to our lovely Product Development Manager and Scriptwriter, Sarah, who was needed in front of the camera as well as behind it! And her moment came at a crucial time.

We had to get this shot right on the first take. Fluffing it was NOT an option.

Tension was high as Sarah took her position.

I had the script in one hand, my iPhone recording in the other (multi-tasking at such a time?!)

Sarah braced herself.

Chris looked to me for reassurance.

I nodded. (What else was I supposed to do?!)

The camera was rolling. The director said ‘ACTION.’

This was it. Chris went for it. He took his one and ONLY opportunity and…

and ...

and he pulled the fire blanket free from our man-made wall! He also presented his lines flawlessly to camera.

Thank goodness! NO ONE wanted to try and wrap that thing back up for another take!

And this would not have been possible without Sarah. Check out her 10 seconds of stardom in the clip below…

Fire extinguisher filming video

Kind of cool huh?

As silly as this post may be, it’s brought an interesting thought to mind as I write…

Watching Sarah’s arm resolutely holding that green box in place (so Chris could successfully pull the fire blanket from the wall), has me thinking how vital it is to have, or to create, a solid foundation for success. I think this applies to all areas of our lives - but in relation to business, to creative projects, and to the quality of a final product – I really think iHasco hits the nail on the head.

It’s a joy to work within this team; to have a safe space where ideas can flow freely among a dedicated and eclectic mix of people. I think this solid foundation is key to us creating eLearning courses that we’re all so proud of smile.