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Why should you care about how you use your Display Screen Equipment (DSE)?

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One key reason: there are some huge potential health risks when working with a desktop computer, laptop or handheld device.  

Of course, the correct use of DSE can’t resolve all health-related risks. Once, when attempting to celebrate a colleague’s special birthday in style, we decorated their desk with balloons….. only to find out that they had a severe latex allergy and were unable to remain in the office! Similarly, back in 2007, we hired a lady who was visually impaired; she was a great asset to the team, but unfortunately, a large proportion of the team were allergic to her seeing-eye dog! This meant a lot of the team had to work from home or suffer blurred vision and itchy noses. It took us a while to make the connection between having a dog in the office, the seemingly-continuous colds and absences from work!

That being said, back pain is currently the largest reported reason for absence from work in the UK - by combating the source of the pain you can reduce the likelihood of absence from work. How people sit during the day can have serious knock-on effects, months, sometimes, years later.  There are effective moves you can do at your desk, ones that will help you get a mental breather and make sure your neck, back, arms, hips and wrists remain in good working order.

One study found that workplace stretching can improve flexibility and—even better—your confidence and self-worth. But that’s not all. Research indicates that periodic workplace stretching may reduce pain by up to 72 %, and some studies show that a bit of exercise during the workday can relieve both physical and mental stress.

Still not convinced? According to The Harvard School of Public Health, physical activity—even for short periods of time—can improve your mood. Take that, mid-day slump!

Take 30 minutes to complete our Display Screen Equipment training programme. It will show you how to carry out a DSE risk assessment, as well as how to better arrange your existing equipment to minimise physical discomfort, eye strain and stress.

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