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Announcement: New course for companies with homeworkers

Homeworker's desk

Protect your homeworkers


There are risks that staff must be aware of and without the delivery of health & safety training to ensure they are aware of the risks, not only could they be hurt, but your business could be too.

Training your staff on the risks is easier to achieve in a controlled environment but with companies becoming more flexible in regard to the location their staff work, employees need to made aware of the risks associated with home working.


Our new course for homeworkers covers the essentials – it’s an affordable, easy to access eLearning solution. That is easy to use and easily monitored which means you can use it as a prerequisite for staff before they start working from home to show that you are compliant as a company and looking after your staff.


For more information, visit our Health and Safety for Homeworkers’ webpage

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