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Data Protection Course UPDATED

Our Data Protection course has been updated.

The updates are in preparation for upcoming changes to the Data Protection rules – the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), due out in May 2018.

Our updates ensure we are fully compliant with the current rules, and are ready to implement the new rules when they happen. (We won’t be updating the programme with the changes to the rules until they actually come into effect in 2018.)

The changes to the rules will be extensive.

All organisations processing personal information will need to know about the new rules because they will affect the way personal data is collected, used and transferred.

For example, ‘personal details’ will include a lot more factors that could be used to identify someone, so companies will not be able to store as much personally identifiable information as they can now.

Data Protection - requirement for positive agreement

And, it will no longer be acceptable for companies to assume a person agrees to the processing of their private information, simply because they haven’t said ‘no’ to it – the new rules mean they will have to get a ‘YES’ response to gain consent from the person. Also, parental consent will be required to process a child’s data.

There are many more changes, including the ‘right to be forgotten’ and the responsibilities of the people who process the data.

And the penalties for companies which don’t comply to the rules will be a lot worse than they are now, with the maximum limits for fines increasing from thousands of pounds to millions of pounds! So, you can see how important it is for everyone who processes data to be fully trained in DATA PROTECTION!

Our products are future-proofed - whenever legislation changes we update our programmes in line, so our customers always know they have the most up-to-date information, at NO EXTRA CHARGE! So, you can be confident that our Data Protection course will always be in line with legislation.

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