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New and Expectant Mothers in the Workplace gets a stunning visual upgrade!

Screeshot from new and expectant mothers training

Our New and Expectant Mothers in the workplace is the latest course to receive a stunning visual upgrade! The original version of the course is now just over 2 years old and the visuals of the course had started to look a little dated, so in stepped our team of creative animators!

Every year around 350,000 women in the UK continue to work after becoming pregnant and around 250,000 return to work after having their baby. Special consideration must be made for their health and safety at work.

Our 'New and Expectant Mothers in the Workplace' course provides both employers and employees with everything they need to know about managing pregnancy at work and returning to work post pregnancy. The course also looks at paternity leave from an employee and employers perspective. 

Within this course, we look at the increased risks that pregnant women and new mothers may face and at dealing with these risks in practical terms in the workplace. This training is applicable to ALL workplaces and both employers and employees.

Expectant Mothers - What was your biggest fear about telling your employer?

The part I like the most when creating courses and the part I find most challenging is to merge real characters into a graphic style animation. Such as removing the green screen, adjusting the colour and interacting with the graphics background. Involving children in the filming is another challenge because from the storyboard I was expecting smaller interaction with the script and it was difficult to control the children. However, they actually brought a more surprising and better result for the slides, like when the baby lean towards the mother when the script says “bond with their mother”. For me, one slide that is particularly unforgettable, is “Paternity Leave” - the baby was actually crying all the way through but when I switch off the sound, the scenario is the perfect fit for the slide. Another part I like about the course is the interview with experienced mothers who share with their experience to reinforce the importance of this course.

Sylvie Lin, Lead Animator

What are the benefits of this course upgrade? 

  • Stunning new visuals make this course even more engaging than before.
  • Course length reduced from over an hour to 50 minutes, still containing all the relevant legislation and important information that all of your staff will need to know about! 
  • Even more additional resources for learners to explore, should they wish to.
  • Course translations readily available!

Filming with babies and toddlers can be a challenge, as we found out...

Filming with babies and toddlers can be a challenge... (Bloopers!)

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