Kaisha Watts

New Business Executive

Portrait of Kaisha Watts
Portrait of Kaisha Watts

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When did you join iHASCO?

I joined iHASCO in August 2021.

What do you do there?

I am a New Business Executive. I reach out to different businesses to understand their industry specific and personal needs. I customise training packages to support individual business requirements making sure their new solution is future proof.

What did you want to do when you were at school?

I always wanted to be a Battlefield Tour Guide!

What do you get up to when you’re not at iHASCO?

I love to be outside, and I am an active runner. I like to spend my weekends at the gym or out with friends. I am currently challenging myself to learn new skills – first braiding (nailed it!), now baking…who knows what’s next!

Where in the world would you most like to go?

INDIA! I have always had a fascination with India for some reason, I love the culture and fashion.

What’s your favourite food?

Hands down my mums Sunday roast with all the trimmings!

Tell us something we don’t know about you…

I have a BA (HONS) in History & Politics, and I used to tutor A Level Politics and GCSE History.

Favourite book or movie?

Bridget Jones Diary – A British classic which most women relate to, can’t beat it!