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Loreto College (St Albans)


A very clear and thorough programme.

A very enjoyable programme of training. A clear and friendly presenter, well written and very thorough. The ability to pause and resume the programme at a later date is very useful as it is difficult to dedicate the time to complete it in one sitting.

March 2015 - Martin Gore talking about 'Fire Warden Training'


concise, easy to understand, good…

The training explains the basics of COSHH and helps you to understand how to set up a good system of training and protection for your company.

November 2014 - Ann Hill talking about 'CoSHH Training'


Clear & concise

I liked the programme because it was clear and succinct. The presenter came across well and it covered the areas of knowledge necessary for school technicians and teaching staff.

December 2013 - Ann Hill talking about 'COSHH Training'


Clear and concise with a touch…

Clear and well-presented. The programme takes you through the the causes and symptoms of stress and the measures you can take to alleviate or prevent it.

October 2012 - Ann Hill talking about 'Stress Awareness in the Workplace'


Easy to understand, Quick, Convinient.

It was easy to understand and take in the information. It wasnt a drawn out course that had loads of facts you wouldnt need. It was very convinient to come back to if I suddenly had to do something else. The lay out was great to use.

May 2012 - Loretta Mackenzie talking about 'Manual Handling in the Workplace'


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