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Custom Email Templates


You can create your own email template from the LMS. To do this, press the “My account” button in the top right corner, and select Manage account. From here, select email templates.

You’ll be brought to a view such as:

Image showing email templates homepage

Selecting “Add Template” will then take you here:

Image showing add template homepage

Here you can set your Template name, template type, subject and the body:

  • Template name – This is the name you’ll choose between when selecting which email to send.
  • Template type – You can chose between Plain text or HTML. We recommend you use Plain Text unless you know how to write/know somebody who can write/alter HTML.
  • Template Subject -This is the subject line your staff members will see when emailed.
  • Template body – This contains your actual email. Some key information has to be included within this otherwise you can not save the template. This is explained below.

At the very bottom of the page, you will see various ‘tags’ – These are what you can put in place, and it’ll automatically fill that information in for you. One of these has a red star (image) which means it is required. This is the Training Suite URL. This is the URL that your staff members would click on to log into the training suite. 

Image to show example of tags

Here is an example email template:

Image showing example of email template

Once the email has been sent, it will appear like this to the user:

Image showing example of received email