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“This page cannot be displayed” error when trying to access the LMS or Training Suite

When you access our LMS and Training Suite that communication takes place through a secure layer. If you experience issues connecting to the LMS or Training Suite and are seeing errors such as “This page cannot be displayed” it may be that your browser has been misconfigured to deny access to sites using the most recent security standard (TLS 1.2).

If you suspect that this is the case please contact your IT/Systems administrator and advise them that you’re unable to connect to a website using HTTPS and they should be able to correct the issue for you by re-enabling support in your browser for TLS 1.2:

* In Internet Explorer go to ‘Internet Options’
* Select the ‘Advanced’ tab
* Scroll down to the ‘Security’ section and check ‘TLS 1.2’

Alternatively if you have administrative control over your computer you can reset your browser to ‘default settings’ and this should also rectify the issue. It’s possible that you may need to restart your browser and clear your cache following this change.

What are the minimum screen requirements?

The minimum screen requirements are 1024 x 768.

Error #6: No valid login

This error is to do with the privacy settings on your browser. Try reducing them to one level lower - so if your setting is ‘high’ reduce to ‘medium’ and if already ‘medium’ reduce to ‘low’.

Then clear your cache and try again.

Minimum Specification

Flash Player.
Minimum required is version 9, but we would recommend you use at least version 10.
It is best if you use the latest version (

Operating System / Browser combinations.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 ( Windows 7 )
Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 ( Windows 8 / Windows 7 )
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 ( Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 )
Mozilla Firefox Latest Version ( Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / OS X )
Google Chrome Latest Version ( Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / OS X )
Mobile Safari ( iPad iOS 7 )

We support the 3 last major Internet Explorer versions and all ‘current’ versions of other browsers.
Browsers such as Chrome and Firefox ‘auto-update’, so users of these browsers are usually automatically on the latest release.
We are hoping that Microsoft will move towards this in the near future, so that everyone will automatically be on the latest release of any browser they use and so be automatically supported.

Which domains do I need to allow/white-list?

Our training courses are delivered using a number of content delivery networks. In order to ensure that your users can access content without issue we advise allowing or white-listing the following domains:


If you’re unable to allow access to then contact us and we can switch your account to an alternative CDN for video delivery.

Each certificate prints with the same name.

Each person needs to sign in with their own email and details. If staff do not have their own email make one up by using their name and your company email.

Staff are unable to launch the ‘Risk Assessment’ from the training programme

The ‘Risk Assessment’ is opened in a new browser window, make sure all ‘pop-up’ blockers are disabled. These can be re-enabled after you staff have completed their training session.

Why does the video of the online training session freeze?

You will need to clear your browser’s cache history.
Use the link below and follow the instructions.’s-Cache

Results showing as 0% on the Reporting Suite when I know staff have completed training

Each time your staff access their training after printing the certificate, it will be assumed that they wish to start a new training session. This will archive previous results.

To view archived results click on the ‘head & shoulders’ symbol next to the name. You will then be able to view all results.

I cannot access the online training suite

Check that the unique URL for your training suite has been entered correctly. Copy and paste the URL from the welcome email you received from IHASCO.

How can I print out my user results?

From any of the ‘Results’ screens on the Reporting Suite you can select to ‘Print’ the current view of results. This allows you the flexibility to ‘filter’ the results using the filter tool at the top of the screen, re-order the results as required and then print the view that you see in front of you at any moment in time. If you want to see the optional fields on your print out, make sure to toggle them open before you click ‘Print’

Note that you can use either the ‘Print Results’ button below the results tab or the inbuilt Browser print feature. Both give an identical result.

How can I create graphical reports based on my users results?

The Reporting Suite provides an option to download your users results to a CSV file which can then be imported into Microsoft Excel and manipulated in any number of ways.

Microsoft Excel has a built in ‘Chart Wizard’ which you can use to create a more graphical presentation of your users results data.

I cannot print certificates from the Reporting Suite

To print certificates form the Reporting Suite you need the Adobe Flash plug-in installed. Click here to download the latest version.

Results are not showing as expected on the Reporting Suite

There is a known issue with the legacy ‘Fire Awareness in the Workplace’ CD-ROM whereby if your Operating System is set to use US style dates then the dates on which you completed sections of the CD-ROM are passed to the Reporting Suite in the incorrect format. In some cases this will mean that sections are still marked as completed but with the wrong date, in other cases it will mean that the sections are not marked as completed when they should be.

To resolve this issue simply ensure that the users in question have their Operating System correctly configured to use the UK rather than US date format.

How do I change the order of the results?

You can ‘order or sort’ your results by clicking on any of the column titles to ‘re-sort’ the list in ascending or descending order by that column.

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