Bespoke Training Courses

A bronze star ADAPT FROM £500

Remove or edit slides; add your branding to a whole course; or add new sections to one of our existing training courses.

 Tweak and customise the content of any training course to better suit your organisation's individual requirements. 

Problem: You want to provide Fire Training to your entire team, but can’t see a way of making off the shelf training really fit the specific needs of your organisation.

Solution: Take our existing best-selling Fire Training courses, and swap out generic hazard slides for actual floorplans and pictures of your building. Don’t just teach staff the theory, show them!

A silver star TRANSFORM FROM £1,500

Host your own simple training materials on our LMS, or use them as a basis for producing new online courses for your staff.

 Being able to ‘upgrade’ the content we already have is a great way to ensure training stays relevant and easily accessible to all our staff - Nokia

Problem: With a wealth of existing PowerPoint-based training, Nokia required a way to update and subsequently track uptake and successful completion of this training across the entire organisation.

Solution: From the original documents they supplied, we created sleeker, updated versions of existing training, that could then be deployed, completed and tracked through our LMS.

A gold star CREATE FROM £5,000

Bring your ideas to life and create a brand new course from scratch. Choose from presenter led sections, 3D animation and test sections.

 The eLearning programmes we commissioned with iHasco are brilliant – from the script to the animations. The process has been rewarding, and crucially stress free! - Bouygues UK

Problem: Operating in over 100 countries worldwide, Bouygues needed a scalable approach to providing HR onboarding software for their 120,000 employees that would be high quality and easy to deploy.

Solution: From a Word document they supplied, our team helped develop the content, design and styling of their training – delivering a quality course for employees to learn to use their internal management software.

The Process - Easy as 1, 2, 3...

Step 1

Your eLearning journey starts here! From the moment you get in touch, we make it our priority to ensure that we understand your individual requirements. We can then accurately scope the project and produce a brief that best suits your needs – whatever level of service you’re looking for.

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Step 2

Here’s where your ideas start to come to life: Using our in-house creative and technical departments we create bespoke graphics, animations and presenter-led sections to support your learning material. Once the initial design and development phases are completed we invite you to review our work.

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Step 3

Once your course is exactly as you want it, we’re ready to go! Publishing your unique content to our Learning Management System (LMS) allows you to roll out your new training to your entire organisation. We then review the project, and gather feedback to ensure you’re completely happy.

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