Reduced Stress at Reduced Price


Did you know that more working days are lost due to stress-related ill health than to anything else?

What is stress? Why do we get stressed? And how can we prevent it?

Our soon-to-be-released Stress Awareness training answers all your questions and is aimed at spotting the pressure rising and dealing with it BEFORE it turns into stress or one of the many stress-related illnesses which cause so much time-off work.

And, if you spend £100 or more with us in June 2012 you will automatically be entitled to 25% off this fantastic title when it's launched in July or early August!

This includes purchasing any training you already have on preview from us and will apply to any new requests for previews - you just need to be quick to spend £100 before the end of June!

The 25% discount will be applied to any ONLINE order of the new Stress Awareness programme placed by 30th September 2012.

STRESS AWARENESS training - essential training - coming soon!