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Managing stress in the workplace

Posted on the 9th of May 2014 in News & Views

The European Agency for Health at Work has launched their yearly campaign, which for 2014-2015 is focusing on managing stress in the workplace. 

Research that shows that 4 in 10 workers feel that stress is not managed well in their workplace.  Stress can result in a number of stress-related illnesses and in fact stress was the main contributing factor to 11 million working days being lost in 2011. 

Where better to start managing your stress and pressure levels then by completing our ‘How Stressed are you?’ questionnaire.  It gives you an idea of how stressed or under pressure you are and what actions you should take, if any at all.  And why not try our Stress Awareness in the Workplace online training course with a free 14 day trial

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Using iHasco courses to train groups.

Posted on the 30th of April 2014 in Health and Safety FAQs

Some classroom based training can be very time consuming, costly and, dare I say, boring.  And in fact, information forced down the throats of less than enthusiastic learners is very often easily forgotten and therefore, a total waste of time and money.  And classroom training can work out extremely costly - there’s hiring the tutor, the classroom space, travelling to and from training centres and possibly having to rebook if there are any absences. 

The great thing about iHasco training is that it can be used individually or to train in groups using a ‘Trainers Licence’.  At a reasonable cost, we supply everything you need to use our training in a group learning session including test papers and answers, certificates and the training programme itself.  As our courses are all available online you simply gather your staff, log in and away you go. Also if anyone misses the session, they can simply complete the course on their own at a later date.

We’ve created our courses to be extremely interactive; using different media like videos and amazing graphics which makes our training truly enjoyable.  This means that knowledge is gained rather than imposed so retention levels are higher than classroom based lectures. 

So if you would like to use our fantastic courses to enjoy training with your staff, give us a call on 01344 867088 or email us at

‘Overall, four excellent presentations building on previous courses already approved, well done’

Posted on the 25th of April 2014 in Admin Area News

RoSPA have approved our 4 newest courses, Lone Working IN the Workplace, Lone Working OUT of the Workplace, Working at Height and Risk Assessment, stating ‘Overall, four excellent presentations building on previous courses already approved, well done!’

We’re proud of our course approval from RoSPA, a leading name in the health and safety industry, recognising our courses as being high quality and comprehensive training programmes.

If you’d like to preview any of our brilliant titles, call now on 01344 867088 or click HERE.

An eventful Easter holiday for the HSE

Posted on the 24th of April 2014 in News & Views

The Easter holidays have absolutely flown by, yet since the 3rd of April, there have been 21 prosecutions reported by the HSE for companies who breach health and safety regulations. 

There were 6 companies fined for work at height breaches and 6 companies held accountable for vehicle and large machinery accidents, 1 breach of chemical safety and 5 prosecutions for illegal gas fitters. 

And people have been injured - 1 burns injury and two cases of injury caused by miscellaneous items. 

It’s really important that everyone understands that health and safety regulations aren’t there just to make work difficult and filled with red tape, they’re there to protect the vulnerable.

A new myth-busting case from the HSE

Posted on the 23rd of April 2014 in News & Views

The HSE has published a new health and safety myth busting case. An un-named Junior School has banned break time snacks of fruit or rice cakes, quoting health and safety as the reason. 

The decision was made to prevent children with allergies being placed at risk, but it's a massive over-reaction and not at all within health and safety guidelines. 

There are organisations who state that schools should have allergy policies and procedures in place, but they should take into account that children with allergies do need to learn to control their own allergies for later life.