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iHasco does Christmas in Style!

Posted on the 19th of December 2014 in News & Views

Marking the start of our two day Christmas festivities, yesterday saw some strong Christmas jumper action from the iHasco team...

With most of our work wrapped up for the year, Thursday afternoon was set aside for embracing all things Christmas in style, and saw several of the Sales Team, Managers and Directors (yes he owns an Elf t-shirt!) pull out all the stops to wow in their own distinctive seasonal favourites.

With Christmas looming, and 2014 nearly done, all that remains is for us to once again wish all our wonderful clients and partners a fantastic Christmas and New Year. With some major changes on the horizon for iHasco, we can't wait to get stuck in to everything we've got planned for the coming months: Roll on 2015!

The Twelve Myths of Health & Safety

Posted on the 18th of December 2014 in News & Views

Tis the season of good will to all men, but that doesn’t stop ‘Elf and Safety (see what I did there?!) being wrongly cited as a reason for preventing such festive activities like decorating a 12 foot tree or hanging lights from your guttering for the joy of your workers. To prevent the joy being sucked out of your Xmas fun, read this brief round-up of the HSE’s Myth Busting Panel’s list.

Myth 1: Workers are banned from putting up Christmas decorations in the office. 

Not true! As long as there are no trailing cables to trip up unsuspecting colleagues, the correct step ladders are used, and any electric lights are turned off over night, there is no Health and Safety risk from tinsel and baubles.

Myth 2: Indoor Christmas lights need a PAT test every year.

As long as the lights are checked for signs of damage there is no reason why they need PAT testing.

Myth 3: You can’t throw sweets to the audience during your children’s production of Aladdin.

The recent case where Health & Safety was blamed for the lack of sugary grenades during a Panto production was later revealed to be a precaution against legal action in case someone was hurt by a mars missile and the chances of this are pretty slim!

Myth 4: Children are banned from throwing snowballs.

Each year the HSE receive inaccurate stories about children being denied the pleasure of throwing an icy surprise at a friends’ backs because of the danger snowball fights pose.  However, the risk of injury is minimal and should not distract from the high risk dangers.

So if ‘Elf and Safety threatens your festivities, take a step back, do a risk assessment, focus on the real hazards and the risk they pose…if there are none, enjoy!  If you find something of concern, take sensible measures to prevent injury or harm. Check out myths five to twelve here.

Manual Handling Saves the Day for E E Ingleton Engineering

Posted on the 16th of December 2014 in News & Views

The benefits of providing Health and Safety training are well known to us all – staff are safer, happier, healthier, and more productive – but there are also hidden benefits to businesses that may not be quite so obvious. In legal terms, our online training and its comprehensive management suite can also ensure that your organisation is fully protected against ‘ambulance chasers’, and ward off avoidable workplace claims.

Recently our clients E E Ingleton Engineering Ltd were taken to court after an employee cut his hand whilst carrying a large metal sheet.  After sustaining this injury within the factory environment, the employee in question accused the manufacturing giants of failing to comply with Health & Safety Manual Handling Regulations. Although the case was taken to court, the claim was quickly dismissed after the defence produced some very interesting evidence:

They provided the court with screen shots of our Manual Handling training course, as well as the certificate of completion which proved the claimant has in fact taken and passed the course just 12 days prior to the accident! 
He tried to claim damages of £8,000 from the industrial metal sheet manufacturing giants, but was ultimately ordered to pay E E Ingleton’s legal costs which are expected to reach £5,000.

Be responsible; get covered now with one of our Manual Handling, Noise Awareness, Hand Arm Vibration or Working at a Height courses now. Alternatively you can view our full course list here.

HSE Announces Random Site Checks for Construction

Posted on the 12th of December 2014 in News & Views

The HSE this week announced that 'high risk' construction and refurbishment projects will now be subjected to random spot checks as standard. These site checks are designed to audit and ensure compliance with Asbestos Awareness, Working at a Height, Hand-Arm-Vibration and Noise Awareness legislation in the workplace - and bring into effect significant fines for failure in any area.

Don't get caught out - iHasco can help you keep your employees safe, healthy and happy to work. Our simple online training provides a quick and hassle free way to get workplace compliant.

View our full range of course here or get in touch with one of our dedicated Account Managers now: 01344 867 088

Introducing Amanda’s Little Bundle of Joy!

Posted on the 9th of December 2014 in News & Views

We’re delighted to present the newest edition to the iHasco family, Harry! 

He was born on 21st November weighing a whopping 8Ib 5, he and his proud Mummy Amanda are both healthy and extremely happy. 

The only question remains is when do we all get to have cuddles!?!