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Now your health and safety training counts towards your CPD targets!

Posted on the 27th of January 2014 in Admin Area News

We’re delighted to announce that the CPD Certification Service has approved our courses and allowed us to add their prestigious logo to our certificates. This means your staff undertaking Continual Professional Development can keep a record of their health and safety training and count the time spent using our amazing courses towards their target.

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News Round Up

Posted on the 24th of January 2014 in News & Views

The latest news from RoSPA and the HSE

A Leeds firm has been fined £6,500 after a trainee electrician was electrocuted whilst using unsafe testing equipment and for institutional unsafe working practices.

A Cheese firm have been fined after an employee fell a metre to the ground whilst using a forklift to get inside a delivery van and for the failure to carry out a risk assessment. With one foot one each prong, the forks jolted and he fell causing serious injuries to his leg and ankle. They were fined £8,000. 

A construction company has been fined £10,000 after an employee fell 9 metres down an inadequately guarded lift shaft at a hospital construction site in Cambridge. 

RoSPA has announced their new award for a Guardian Angel which they hope will shine a light on unsung heroes who have gone above and beyond to improve the safety of others.

An unfortunate construction firm has been prosecuted for serious safety failings after a worker was buried alive in soil at a site in Poole.  He was checking work in preparation for a basement when the walls collapsed and nightmarishly engulfed him in soil.  A colleague nearby ran to his aid and scraped the soil away from his face allowing him to breathe.  An investigation by the HSE found that the excavation at the site was not supported and the site management company were fined £6,000.

The only way is not the ‘Essex Way’ when it comes to health and safety after a firm based in our Seaside County has been fined after two workers were injured in separate incidences in just 6 weeks.  HSE identified safety flaws had led to both incidents and fined the company £22,000 and ordered to pay £604 costs for both incidences.

A Suffolk farm has been fined £3,000 for health and safety failings after a worker fell and suffered multiple fractures and a serious head injury in 2012. An investigation found that employees regularly bypassed the system when equipment was unavailable.

Are you displaying the new health and safety law poster?

Posted on the 24th of January 2014 in News & Views

The HSE has been gently reminding companies that they need to be displaying the latest (2009) edition of the health and safety law poster by April this year.

The mandatory health and safety law poster has been updated to be more visually appealing in order to encourage employees to read it and engage with the health and safety policies and procedures in their workplace. It has of course also been updated to reflect changes in the legislation.

However in 2011 the HSE removed the Info Helpline telephone number and replaced it with an Incident Contact Centre number – to be used when reporting major incidences only as they are urging people to report minor incidences via their website, but the HSE are not insisting that businesses update from the 2009 version to this one.

Tougher penalties for breaking Health and Safety laws.

Posted on the 23rd of January 2014 in News & Views

A new report from the DPWP (Department for Work and Pensions) shows that changes introduced under the Health and Safety Act (Offences) 2008 have led to higher fines and more prison sentences for employers who flout these laws and show little concern for the safety of their staff and the public.  The maximum fine that can be imposed from the lower courts has increased from £5,000 to £20,000 and the courts have been given greater powers to send offenders to prison.

The changes to fines and sentences were introduced under pretence that the tougher penalties would deter bosses from ignoring the welfare of those whom they are responsible for.  Read more online HERE.

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UK’s largest superstore chain under investigation for breaches of the Food Safety Act.

Posted on the 22nd of January 2014 in News & Views

An investigation has been launched into one of the UK’s largest food retailers after a customer found mouldy food, stagnant water and congealed fat on the shelves next to fresh food items in their store in Slough.
The customer pointed out the dirt to the store managers who explained ‘the area is difficult to clean’, and after returning to the store two weeks later she found nothing had been done to clean the area.  

The superstore chain has previously been fined thousands of pounds for breaches of the Food Safety act at a separate store in 2004, including £5,000 for a mouldy apple turnover, and £2,000 for coffee with rodent chew marks in the packaging.

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