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Rating of the week 05.09.14

Posted on the 5th of September 2014 in News & Views

We have recieved thousands of ratings for our training - and from time to time we like to choose our favourite of the week:

Someone has posted a rating of 'Manual Handling in the Workplace'.

Excellent training and easy to use Star rating: 5

Enjoyed completing this training as it was done via computer.  I have attended many manual handling training days and often found them boring and some information given was unnecessary.  However this training was enjoyable as information given was accurate and interesting, you were able to work at your own pace and completing a test at the end was beneficial.

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Bespoke Training

Posted on the 2nd of September 2014 in Admin Area News

Do you have a PowerPoint or Keynote training presentation that you need all your staff or visitors to see? iHasco can help you ensure that everyone can access and learn from it.

The training will be hosted on your Training Suite and linked to your Management System allowing you to track user’s progress and ensure its completion. (Just like one of our programmes).

Simply email us the training and we will explain the available options and cost. 

Two great examples:
One of our clients sends contractors a link to their “Contractor Induction” programme – the contractors then complete the course off-site in their own time – proof of the training is on the Management System. This saves a great deal of time.

Another client had an unforeseen safety issue, they created a simple PowerPoint – we hosted it alongside their existing training programmes and by using our LMS everyone was emailed a link to the training and within a few hours every person who needed it in 22 depots had access to the training.

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Always a pleasure to hear excellent feedback

Posted on the 18th of July 2014 in News & Views

We asked our clients for some feedback regarding the benefits of using iHasco within their organisations, this is what a few of them said.


We have been using your online training now for about 4 months. It has been extremely effective in getting staff trained on various H&S issues, particularly where staff travel extensively and it is impossible to get them all in one room at the same time! This system allows staff to do the training on the move, at home or in the office. I also find it helpful that you can set a pass mark, which means that you are confident that the staff have actually absorbed the information in order to pass. Would definitely recommend and look forward to using IHASCO again.

5 / 5 stars 

IHASCO has helped with our Health & Safety training by providing affordable, understandable and comprehensive online training. The training can be done at any time therefore ensuring that we do not have to take time out of our day to attend training courses elsewhere. The training can be dipped in and out of, allowing personnel to fit it in with their busy work schedules. The training is a great tool for us as a small company as time is always a premium.
The courses are easy to understand and are suitable for all. We have been using IHASCO since 2012 and they are always developing new courses and keeping up to date with current legislation. Our staff give good feedback on the courses and are definitely more health and safety aware as a result..

5 / 5 stars 

I can confirm that iHASCO has been immensely helpful in providing high-quality training across the entirety of Ascom (UK) during the last year. The LMS made administration of this rollout much simpler than it otherwise would have been, and the new improved LMS is highly functional and a pleasure to use.
The provision of training has raised the profile of health and safety across the company and the fact that the training is certified by well-recognised bodies adds greatly to its credibility.
Customer service has been second to none and it has been a pleasure to talk first to Claire and then to Leigh. Even the extremely rare technical problem has been addressed promptly and with courteous communication.
Our day nursery has been using iHasco as our chosen health and safety e-learning company for several years.
Communication is excellent and there is always someone I can actually speak to on the telephone when needed. Cost is always an issue for a small setting such as ours and these courses are affordable and cost effective. 
The courses are very clear and user friendly even those of us not so confident with the computer. They allow staff to be trained at a time to suit them and the setting. As a manager I am able to have an overview of staff progress and see their certificates of achievement.
The training has impacted on the staff’s knowledge and awareness of their environment, they have learned how to improve safety for themselves and the children in our care, also how to recognize and reduce stress levels in themselves.
I would recommend iHASCO to anyone looking for solid, robust and easy to understand health and safety training.

5 / 5 stars 

Using ihasco to provide some of our training has been extremely beneficial to our company. We have managed to utilise spare time in our engineers diaries to undertake this important training rather than, as was previously the case, need all engineers to attend training thus costing our company time and money. We have found that using the ihasco online training gives our staff the opportunity to learn at their own pace and with the options for reading text or listening to a presenter describe the training that are in place, different learning styles can be more easily accommodated. We are happy with the training options available to us and whenever it fits with our requirements we will be migrating our training across to ihasco.

5 / 5 stars 


Mobile Health and Safety Training

Posted on the 17th of July 2014 in News & Views

In the middle of nowhere with nothing but your iPad for company? 

You could get your health and safety training done and dusted, because as of Monday (July 21st) our courses will work beautifully on iPads.

iHasco courses now work beautifully on ipads

For more information on this brilliant new update and any of our other products call us on 01344 867088 or email