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Slips, Trips and Falls Training Programme AUGUST 2011 - OFFER

Posted on the 10th of August 2011 in Offers

Our latest health and safety training programme, Slips, Trips and Falls is very nearly ready. We’re really excited!

We think it looks great and have a very special pre-launch offer running for the whole of August – we are offering a massive 25% discount – that’s over £40 off the price of the CD-ROM.

A simple one-off price of £123.75 for the CD-ROM, which can be used over and over again to train EVERY MEMBER of staff.

For more information about the contents of our latest title click on Slips, Trips and Falls.

Slips, Trips and Falls

Posted on the 10th of August 2011 in News & Views

Look out for the launch of our newest health and safety title, Slips, Trips and Falls. It’s due out in September!

We’ve been able to watch the programme as it is being created and it looks fantastic. We’ve used the same presenter, the brilliant Keith, whose clear and interesting tones help keep you focused; and of course using our familiar style – interleaving video with graphics and animation, with regular questions and a final test at the end – the results of which are used to create your certificate.

Slips and trips – they sound pretty harmless don’t they? BUT slip, trip and fall accidents account for over half of all major workplace injuries every year!

Our training programme highlights what to watch out for and makes it clear that everyone has a hand in ensuring the workplace is safe – it’s not expecting employees to do anything dangerous, but it’s emphasizing that if a hazard is noticed, it must at least be reported and made safe until someone can sort it out properly.

It’s a simple message – see it sort it, if you can’t sort it – make it safe and report it.

New Look Website

Posted on the 10th of August 2011 in News & Views

The Interactive Health and Safety Company has a NEW LOOK website! IT’S STILL US and it still has everything you need to know about our fantastic products, but now it has MUCH more and is organised in a much clearer and more user-friendly way.

You can now –

  • watch short demo videos which show you how to use the programmes
  • watch the demo video showing you how to track staff training using the reporting suite
  • use our pricing page to calculate how much it will cost you to train as many staff as you need
  • get advice on whether ONLINE or CD-ROM is the best option for you
  • view our newsletters – they will be published and archived here
  • and YOU can write YOUR OWN review of our programmes and read what other customers think

It looks great, has a great feel to it and we think you are going to find it really useful.